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Sep 02, 2020

Although as a doctor but not GP, I personally experienced such a problem. For nearly a year I was complaining of some colic and never been taken seriously by my GP till I had a rectal bleed rushed to my hospital to find out that I've cancer colon with liver metastasis and waiting for liver surgery for nine months because of COVID-19. My GP never referred me o as for any investigation as scan.


Jul 03, 2020

I absolutely agree to bring the yearly Flu vaccine to NHS staff but not to have the Covid-19 vaccine if it becomes available at the same time as complications  might happen with COVID vaccination. It's a possibility as a new vaccine.

Hopefully the routine yearly Flu vaccine will protect most staff of having winter flu. 

Jul 01, 2020

Vey informative and simple for all doctors especially in A&E  or emergency situation if they are treating serious bleeding issues 

Jun 30, 2020

Why still in use then, Withdraw from all health service sites?

Jun 19, 2020

Dexamethasone has good luck results for many patients with lung diseases. The only problem that was not raised or f these patients had any signs of sepsis or not and what percentage were septic. Steroids in general can aggravate sepsis and increase mortality. So we have to be careful to generalise using dexamethasone for every patient especially those having significant signs of sepsis and poorly controlled diabetes. 

May 05, 2020

Excellent article showing experiences of colleagues from other countries who can across diabetic patients and outcome

Apr 15, 2020

NHS ihas been underfunded for years therefore the country was not prepared for such coronavirus dilemma. On the other side there's significant reduction in A&E patients as many of them were utilising NHS hopsitals unnessccerly too, although I'm awrae many especially elderly patients are scared in seeking NHS help due to the virus infection.

Therefe there's a need toreform the NHS to survive such dilemma and emergency epidemics in future, by looking at GP contract & their working hours and charging patients visiting A&E small cahrges as £30-50 unless dire emergency as heart attacks, accidents , storke patients and children younger than 16 years old. Not to forget abolishing free prescriptions for those between 16-60 years old to minimize NHS abuse.