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Nov 08, 2021

This short review gave a clear insight into both clinical entities. The relevance of medical history and examination/investigation should be used to differentiate COPD from asthma. 

Comment on COPD: background
Nov 07, 2021

Very interesting showcase studies of this relevant medical condition with great impact in the UK affecting around 115.000 people every year, with an estimated 2 million people with the condition and his impact in public health and economy (costs the NHS £1.9 billion each year) making it the second most common lung condition, after asthma.

Nov 07, 2021

Interesting as guide line up to date. I believe that exercise would have a great impact on the life of people with ME/CFS contrary to commitee opinion.

Nov 07, 2021

It is really a breakthrough in the combat to the Covid-19

Nov 08, 2020

It is a very interesting review to accesses and refreshes my knowledge as a prescribed for an alcohol detox clinic.