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James qualified from UCL in 2002 and has been a GP partner in Chelmsford since 2006. He is also the named GP for Safeguarding Children locally. All views expressed are his own.


I am a practising General Practitioner, in the UK.

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General Practice

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Jul 28, 2020
Replying to Velma Hughes

What about the healthcare workers who died in the pandemic, and the cases of prolonged illness after Covid-19? 

It is a very complex situation. The health service needs a lot of support (financial and moral etc. in order to continue to deliver a service without any disruption at such a difficult time. 

It certainly is, and I agree about the support. I think disruption is inevitable for a long while yet - how to manage that and the safety of our teams whilst not causing harm too is going to be the great challenge here (and potentially as big a challenge as the start of the pandemic, I think).