Youth-onset type 2 diabetes: translating epidemiology into clinical trials.

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Globally, the proportion of new diagnoses of youth-onset diabetes represented by type 2 diabetes is increasing, and youth with type 2 diabetes commonly have complications and comorbidities, as well as a higher rate of mortality. In this review, we summarise what is known about the natural progression of youth-onset type 2 diabetes from published clinical trials and large-scale prospective epidemiological studies. It is important to note that the robust pathophysiological and treatment data specifically related to individuals with a diabetes onset at ≤20 years of age largely hails from the USA. Youth-onset type 2 diabetes is characterised by pathophysiological heterogeneity and inadequate glycaemic control, highlighting the need for new treatment approaches and innovative study designs in populations of varied genetic and cultural backgrounds.

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Authors: Laura Pyle, Megan M Kelsey


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