Will GPs rise to the challenge of mass COVID vaccination?

A look at what’s to come from the new DES and the many questions still left unanswered.

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Go to the profile of John A Bruton
John A Bruton 12 days ago

I feel this is a catch 22 situation where we are being asked to deliver a time and resource consuming service whilst maintaining usual practice and service delivery and if we decline to offer this service we will be made pandemic pariahs. We need better representation.

Go to the profile of Luke Koupparis
Luke Koupparis 12 days ago

I agree John- the leaked information stating that GPs would lead this didn't help our case. If we are to deliver this then we need to have significant logistical and workforce support otherwise the routine conditions will suffer or primary care staff will work a dangerous number of hours. Consent is likely to take time to do safely. As with everything the devil is in the detail. 

Go to the profile of Sally Ross
Sally Ross 5 days ago

This is where those very rich LMCs - paid by statute from GP GMS income, with no assurance or governance scrutiny - need to stand up and earn their money.  If the profession is delivering this, what is it going to STOP?