United Kingdom Psychodermatology Services in 2019: service provision has improved but is still very poor nationally.

Psychodermatology is an emerging sub-specialty of dermatology. Psychodermatology clinics use a multidisciplinary approach to deal with psychological or psychiatric elements related to skin disease. Two previous studies in 2004 and 2012 highlighted the deficiency of psychodermatology services in the UK, despite the evidence that these services are highly in demand and cost-efficient.To re-assess psychodermatology service provision in the UK and outline the developments that have been made.In conjunction with BBC Radio 5 live, a survey questionnaire was distributed via email to the UK membership of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and Psychodermatology UK. The survey consisted of 13 questions regarding the availability of psychodermatology services.Basic percentages were used to analyse quantitative data, and content analysis was used for qualitative data. Our results showed that less than a quarter of the respondents (24%) have access to a nearby dedicated psychodermatology service. Additionally, the psychodermatology units do not have a unified configuration and clinical provision model differs nationally. Only around 5% of the clinicians have access to a clinic that provides psycho-dermato-oncology service, and even fewer have access to a paediatric psychodermatology (4.8%). Engagement in psychodermatology research was reported by around 12% of the participants.The psychocutaneous services in the UK have improved to some extent over the last decade. The service has become more widely available nationally, and the investment in research is promising. However, it is still insufficient and unable to fulfil patients' demand, especially vulnerable individuals like children and dermato-oncology patients.

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Authors: S H Massoud, J Alassaf, A Ahmed, R E Taylor, A Bewley