Types of psoriasis

A quiz illustrated by clinical images to test your knowledge of the different types of psoriasis.

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George Moncrieff 16 days ago

Yout image of a dark black nail with linear pigment extending under the cuticle and indeed over the proximal nail fold, as an example of a 'subungual haematoma' is DANGEROUSLY wrong and misleading!

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Luke Koupparis 16 days ago

Dear Dr Moncrieff,

Many thanks for your comment. We believe you are referring to a picture in one of our nail disorder quizzes (https://www.onmedica.com/posts/clinical-images-challenge-nail-disorders-01672e2b-5021-4474-b9ee-506260d6cbff) and not this module. We have replaced the image you mention with another one showing a much clearer picture of a subungal haematoma, sustained following an acute blunt traumatic injury. We have also updated the feedback text to further highlight the red flags that would suggest the serious alternate diagnosis of subungal melanoma. We take the accuracy of our content very seriously and thank you pointing out this issue to us.