Tips on GP resilience training for improving wellbeing

Far from being buzzwords, GP resilience and wellbeing are crucial to the practice of medicine in this COVID-19 world. There are many resources available to help us. Here are my key takeaways from my learning, alongside signposted resources, to help you and your practice become more resilient today.

Now more than ever GPs have to be mindful of their own wellbeing in the face of the pressures brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. If our PPE gear is essential for our physical wellbeing, PPE for our minds is no less important!

In this common effort to allow us to look after our patients safely, several online resources on resilience and wellbeing have been made available and practice teams have been mindful to share best practice.

Here, I collate my learning from GP resilience resources as well as insights gathered by my colleagues during the course of the pandemic. Useful resources are also highlighted at the end. I hope that these practical top tips and resources will help you and your practice become more resilient today.


  • Resilience isn’t just about ‘remaining graceful’ under pressure
  • Healthcare professionals face specific challenges, which can affect their resilience
  • Doctors under extreme stress are unable to do what is expected of them as professionals so it is important to be aware of the signs
  • Resilience training is key to avoiding burnout
    • Tips to cope ‘in the moment’ when having a very stressful day
  • The idea of resilient organisations or team resilience versus individual resilience
  • Recognising factors that can affect GP resilience

Practical tips on increasing resilience

  • Organisation level – the resilient GP practice 
  • Personal level  the resilient GP

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