The USSe (UltraSound Score for Erosions) in the evaluation of bone erosions in RA compared to the SHSe (Van der Heijde-modified Sharp score for erosions).

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To evaluate the relationship between the UltraSound Score for Erosions (USSe) and the Van der Heijde-modified Sharp score for erosions (SHSe).108 rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients were included. On radiography: SHSe was evaluated by two or three blinded readers (in case of discordance). On ultrasonography: erosions were scored on six bilateral joints (MCP2,3,5; MTP2,3,5) with a four-point scale to calculate the USSe.The Pearson's correlation was good (r=0.68, p<0.001) and the agreement illustrated by a Bland-Altman plot was excellent (91%) between the two scores, which were complementary to detect erosions.The USSe seems to be a valuable tool for assessing erosive damage in RA.

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