The transcriptome-wide landscape of molecular subtype-specific mRNA expression profiles in acute myeloid leukemia.

Molecular classification of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) aids prognostic stratification and clinical management. Our aim in this study is to identify transcriptome-wide mRNAs that are specific to each of the molecular subtypes of AML. We analyzed RNA-sequencing data of 955 AML samples from three cohorts, including the BeatAML project, the Cancer Genome Atlas, and a cohort of Swedish patients to provide a comprehensive transcriptome-wide view of subtype-specific mRNA expression. We identified 729 subtype-specific mRNAs, discovered in the BeatAML project and validated in the other two cohorts. Using unique proteomics data, we also validated the presence of subtype-specific mRNAs at the protein level, yielding a rich collection of potential protein-based biomarkers for the AML community. To enable the exploration of subtype-specific mRNA expression by the broader scientific community, we provide an interactive resource to the public. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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Authors: Tian Mou, Yudi Pawitan, Matthias Stahl, Mattias Vesterlund, Wenjiang Deng, Rozbeh Jafari, Anna Bohlin, Albin Österroos, Loannis Siavelis, Helena Bäckvall, Tom Erkers, Santeri Kiviluoto, Brinton Seashore-Ludlow, Päivi Östling, Lukas M Orre, Olli Kallioniemi, Sören Lehmann, Janne Lehtiö, Vu Trung Nghia