The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Self-Reported Outcomes in Patients With Adrenal Insufficiency.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare environment.To determine the impact of the pandemic on self-reported outcomes in patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI).Prospective longitudinal survey study at 2 tertiary centers.Patients with AI.Patient-centered questionnaire.Depression Anxiety Stress Scales-21, Short Form-36, and AI self-management.Of 342 patients, 157 (46%) had primary AI, 109 (32%) had secondary AI, and 76 (22%) had glucocorticoid-induced AI. When compared to prepandemic, daily glucocorticoid dose and number of adrenal crises did not change. However, patients reported a higher financial impact from AI (34% vs 23%, P = 0.006) and difficulty accessing medical care (31% vs 7%, P 

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Authors: Dingfeng Li, Malavika Suresh, Tiffany Abbondanza, Anand Vaidya, Irina Bancos


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