STIG study: real-world data of long-term outcomes of adults with Pompe disease under enzyme replacement therapy with alglucosidase alfa.

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Pompe disease is one of the few neuromuscular diseases with an approved drug therapy, which has been available since 2006. Our study aimed to determine the real-world long-term efficacy and safety of alglucosidase alfa.This multicenter retrospective study (NCT02824068) collected data from adult Pompe disease patients receiving ERT for at least 3 years. Demographics and baseline characteristics, muscle strength, lung function (FVC), walking capability (6MWT), and safety were assessed once a year. Evaluation was done on the group and individual levels, using quantitative linear models (t test) and general univariate linear models (ANOVA).Sixty-eight adult Pompe disease patients from four countries (Spain, Taiwan, Italy, Germany (STIG)) participated. The mean follow-up was 7.03 years ± 2.98. At group level in all outcome measures, an initial improvement followed by a secondary decline was observed. After 10 years, the 6MWT%pred showed the most sustained positive effect (p = 0.304). The MRC%max remained stable with a mild decline (p = 0.131), however, FVC%pred deteriorated significantly (p 

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