Skeletal muscle adiposity and outcomes in candidates for lung transplantation: a lung transplant body composition cohort study.

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CT measurement of body composition may improve lung transplant candidate selection. We assessed whether skeletal muscle adipose deposition on abdominal and thigh CT scans was associated with 6 min walk distance (6MWD) and wait-list survival in lung transplant candidates. Each ½-SD decrease in abdominal muscle attenuation (indicating greater lipid content) was associated with 14 m decrease in 6MWD (95% CI -20 to -8) and 20% increased risk of death or delisting (95% CI 10% to 40%). Each ½-standard deviation decrease in thigh muscle attenuation was associated with 15 m decrease in 6MWD (95% CI -21 to -10). CT imaging may improve candidate risk stratification.

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