Sialylation on O-linked glycans protects von Willebrand factor from macrophage galactose lectin mediated clearance.

Terminal sialylation determines plasma VWF half-life. A role for macrophage galactose lectin (MGL) in regulating hyposialylated VWF clearance has recently been proposed. In this study, we show that MGL influences physiological plasma VWF clearance. MGL inhibition was associated with a significantly extended mean residence time and 3-fold increase in endogenous plasma VWF:Ag levels (p.

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Authors: Soracha E Ward, Jamie M O'Sullivan, Alan B Moran, Daniel I R Spencer, Richard A Gardner, Jyotika Sharma, Judicael Fazavana, Marco Monopoli, Thomas A J McKinnon, Alain Chion, Sandra Haberichter, James S O' Donnell