RFC1 AAGGG repeat expansion masquerading as Chronic Idiopathic Axonal Polyneuropathy.

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A biallelic intronic AAGGG repeat expansion in the Replication Factor C subunit 1 (RFC1) gene has been recently associated with Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy, Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome, a disorder often presenting as a slowly evolving sensory neuropathy at the onset. "Chronic Idiopathic Axonal Polyneuropathy" (CIAP) is a common indolent axonal neuropathy of adulthood which remains without an identifiable cause despite thorough investigations.We screened 234 probands diagnosed with CIAP for a pathogenic biallelic RFC1 AAGGG repeat expansion. Patients were selected from 594 consecutive patients with neuropathy referred to our tertiary-care center for a sural nerve biopsy over 10 years.The RFC1 AAGGG repeat expansion was common in patients with pure sensory neuropathy (21/40, 53%) and less frequent in cases with predominantly sensory (10/56, 18%, P 

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Authors: Matteo Tagliapietra, Davide Cardellini, Moreno Ferrarini, Silvia Testi, Sergio Ferrari, Salvatore Monaco, Tiziana Cavallaro, Gian Maria Fabrizi


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