Reversal of functional brain activity related to gut microbiome and hormones after VSG surgery in patients with obesity.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) is becoming a prioritized surgical intervention for obese individuals; however, the brain circuits that mediate its effective control of food intake and predict surgical outcome remain largely unclear.In this observational cohort study, 80 patients with obesity were screened. 36 patients together with 26 normal-weight subjects were enrolled and evaluated using the 21-item Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire (TFEQ), MRI scanning, plasma intestinal hormone analysis and fecal sample sequencing. 32 cases underwent VSG treatment and 19 subjects completed an average of four-month follow-up evaluation. Data-driven regional homogeneity (ReHo) coupled with seed-based connectivity analysis were used to quantify VSG-related brain activity. Longitudinal alterations of body weight, eating behavior, brain activity, gastrointestinal hormones and gut microbiota were detected and subjected to repeated measures correlation analysis.VSG induced significant functional changes in the right putamen (PUT.R) and left supplementary motor area, both of which correlated with weight loss and TFEQ scores. Moreover, postprandial levels of active glucagon-like peptide-1 (aGLP-1) and Ghrelin were associated with ReHo of PUT.R; meanwhile, relative abundance of Clostridia increased by VSG was associated with improvements in aGLP-1 secretion, PUT.R activity and weight loss. Importantly, VSG normalized excessive functional connectivities with PUT.R, among which baseline connectivity between PUT.R and right orbitofrontal cortex was related to postoperative weight loss.VSG causes correlated alterations of gut-brain axis, including Clostridia, postprandial aGLP-1, PUT.R activity and eating habits. Preoperative connectivity of PUT.R may represent a potential predictive marker of surgical outcome in patients with obesity.

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Authors: Jie Hong, Tingting Bo, Liuqing Xi, Xiaoqiang Xu, Naying He, Yafeng Zhan, Wanyu Li, Peiwen Liang, Yufei Chen, Juan Shi, Danjie Li, Fuhua Yan, Weiqiong Gu, Weiqing Wang, Ruixin Liu, Jiqiu Wang, Zheng Wang, Guang Ning