Relationship and sexual experiences in women with early onset oestrogen deficiency: comparison between women with Turner syndrome and premature ovarian insufficiency.

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Age at first date and sexual intercourse have been observed to be delayed in women with Turner syndrome (TS), with delayed puberty being the main factor. We sought to assess relationship and sexual experiences comparing women with TS and premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).Cross-sectional observational study.302 women with TS and 53 women with karyotypically normal POI (median age 33.0 [15.0-78.4] and 26.3 [17.8-52.3] respectively).A self-reporting questionnaire was used to collect data on relationship and sexual experiences.Women with TS were older than women with POI (p=0.002). Compared to women with POI, a smaller proportion of women with TS had ever had vaginal sexual intercourse (VSI) (40 [78.4%] vs 169 [58.1%] respectively, p=0.006) and women with TS exhibited a delay in the median age at first relationship and VSI (POI 19.3±0.4 vs TS 22.2±1.1, p=<0.001). Start of oestrogen replacement therapy at ≤14 years of age compared to >14 years did not result in earlier relationship and sexual debut. After adjusting for age and diagnosis, induction of puberty, as opposed to spontaneous puberty, was associated with a delay in the median age at first relationship and VSI and a reduced probability of having VSI (Hazard Ratio=0.44 [95% Confidence Interval: 0.32-0.60], p=<0.001).TS and induction of puberty are associated with a reduced likelihood and a delay in relationship and sexual experiences. Women needing puberty induction and women with TS more than POI have a delayed mean age at first VSI compared to the general population.

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