Real-world effectiveness and tolerability of dupilumab in adult atopic dermatitis: A single centre, prospective one-year observational cohort study of the first 100 patients treated.

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Dupilumab (Dupixent®) is the first biologic drug licensed for treatment of adults with atopic dermatitis (AD). Data regarding its long-term real-world effectiveness and tolerability are limited. We report comprehensive outcome data at one year for the first 100 adult patients initiated on dupilumab in a specialist eczema clinic (May 2017-November 2019). In this prospective, observational cohort study (HRA UK ref.268527) all patients received dupilumab at licenced dose. Wherever possible, patients on other systemic treatment(s) underwent 4-week washout prior to dupilumab. All patients were given preservative-free lubricating eye ointment prior to dupilumab in view of ophthalmic complications reported in trials1-3 . Disease activity and patient-reported outcome measures were assessed at baseline, week 12, week 24 and 1 year of treatment. Adverse events (AE) were recorded and classified4 .

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