Rapid single-molecule digital detection of protein biomarkers for continuous monitoring of systemic immune disorders.

Digital protein assays have great potential to advance immunodiagnostics because of their single-molecule sensitivity, high precision, and robust measurements. However, translating digital protein assays to acute clinical care has been challenging because it requires their deployment with a rapid turnaround. Herein, we present a technology platform for ultra-fast digital protein biomarker detection by employing single-molecule counting of immune-complex formation events at an early, pre-equilibrium state. This method, which we term "pre-equilibrium digital enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay" (PEdELISA), can quantify a multiplexed panel of protein biomarkers in 10 µL of serum within an unprecedented assay incubation time of 15-300 sec over a 104 dynamic range. PEdELISA allowed us to perform rapid monitoring of protein biomarkers in patients manifesting post-chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy cytokine release syndrome (CRS), with ~30 min sample-to-answer time and a sub-pg/mL limit of detection (LOD). The rapid, sensitive, and low input volume biomarker quantification enabled by PEdELISA is broadly applicable to timely monitoring of acute disease, potentially enabling more personalized treatment.

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