Psychosocial burden and out-of-pocket costs in patients with atopic dermatitis in Ireland.

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Atopic dermatitis (AD) is one of the most common inflammatory skin diseases in the developed world affecting 1-3% of the adult population in Europe. This inflammatory disease can have a marked impact on affected individuals, leading to significant impairment in physical wellbeing and quality of life.To investigate the psychosocial impact and financial burden AD has on patients in Ireland.To increase our understanding of the psychosocial and financial aspects of disease burden AD has on the Irish population, an online survey was designed. The survey was launched by the Irish Skin Foundation and included questions focusing on disease severity, disease control, psychosocial impact, interrupted sleep, missed work and school days, and financial cost.The impact of AD on quality of life was profound. The survey demonstrated that 85% of adults described interrupted sleep, 70% reported social anxiety, 65% avoid exercise and sports, 52% avoid social activities, 52% avoid sexual intimacy and 43% feel they are depressed as a result of their AD. Around one quarter of those surveyed can spend up to €2,300 annually on over-the-counter, prescription treatments and alternative therapies.This study has shown the significant impact AD has on patients living in Ireland. It also highlights that out-of-pocket costs for patients is higher compared to previous studies across European countries.

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