Properly collected plasma metanephrines excludes PPGL after false positive screening tests.

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False positive results are common for pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma(PPGL) real-world screening.Determine the correlation between screening urine and seated plasma metanephrines in outpatients where PPGL was absent, compared to meticulously prepared and supine-collected plasma metanephrines with age-adjusted references.Retrospective cohort study.Databases from a single-provider provincial laboratory(2012-2018), a validated PPGL registry and a manual chart review from a specialized endocrine testing unit.PPGL registry data excluded known PPGL cases from the laboratory database. Outpatients having both urine and plasma metanephrines <90 days apart.The correlation between urine and seated plasma measures along with the total positivity rate. All cases of plasma metanephrines drawn in the endocrine unit were reviewed for test indication and test positivity rate.There were 810 non-PPGL pairs of urine and plasma metanephrines in the laboratory database; 46.1% of urine metanephrines were reported high. Of seated outpatient plasma metanephrines drawn a median of 5.9 days later, 19.2% were also high (r=0.33 and 0.50 for normetanephrine and metanephrine, respectively). In contrast, the meticulously prepared and supine collected patients(n=139, 51% prior high urine metanephrines) had <3% rate of abnormal high results in patients without known PPGL/adrenal mass.There was a poor-to-moderate correlation between urine and seated plasma metanephrines. Up to 20% of those with high urine measures also had high seated plasma metanephrines in the absence of PPGL. Properly prepared and collected supine plasma metanephrines had a false positive rate of <3% in the absence of known PPGL/adrenal mass.

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Authors: Gregory A Kline, Jessica Boyd, Brenda Polzin, Adrian Harvey, Janice L Pasieka, Hossein S M Sadrzadeh, Alexander A Leung


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