Pregnancy does not affect the Prognoses of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Patients with Lung Metastases.

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Pregnancy-related hormones may stimulate thyroid cancer growth, but whether pregnancy affects the prognoses of patients with lung metastases from differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC-LM) after surgery and radioiodine therapy is unclear.To assess the impact of pregnancy on DTC-LM through the comparison of prognoses between female patients with DTC-LM who did and did not become pregnant after surgery and radioiodine therapy.We retrospectively analyzed the records of 124 female patients aged 16-35 years who underwent surgery and radioiodine therapy for DTC-LM. These patients were divided into pregnancy group (n=37) and non-pregnancy group (n=87) according to whether they became pregnant after surgery and radioiodine therapy, regardless of whether they had a pregnant history before treatment.The 5- and 10-years PFS rates were 94.52% and 63.22% in pregnancy group versus 89.82% and 58.13% in non-pregnancy group. The 5- and 10-years cumulative OS rates of pregnancy group is 97.30% and 85.77% versus 93.50% and 81.95% in non-pregnancy group (all P>0.05). The median time of follow-up in the pregnancy and non-pregnancy group was 82 months (25-136 months) and 68 months (13-133 months), respectively. Non- 131I-avid LM and primary tumors needing repeated resection were independent predictors of poor PFS for patients in pregnancy group.Pregnancy does not affect the prognoses of patients with DTC-LM after surgery and radioiodine therapy. Non- 131I avid LM and repeated primary tumor surgeries are independent risk factors for poor prognoses of pregnant patients.

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Authors: Chuang Xi, Qian Zhang, Hong-Jun Song, Chen-Tian Shen, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Jian-Wen Sun, Zhong-Ling Qiu, Quan-Yong Luo


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