Post-Transplant Cyclophosphamide (PTCy) is Associated with Increased Cytomegalovirus Infection: A CIBMTR Analysis.

Prior studies suggest increased CMV infection following haploidentical donor transplantation with post-transplant cyclophosphamide (HaploCy). The role of allograft source and PTCy in CMV infection and disease is unclear. We analyzed the effect of graft source and PTCy on incidence of CMV infection as well as transplant outcomes as it relates to CMV serostatus and occurrence of CMV infection by d180. We examined patients reported to CIBMTR between 2012-2017 who had received HaploCy (n = 757), Sib with PTCy (SibCy, n=403), or Sib with calcineurin inhibitor-based prophylaxis (SibCNI, n=1605) for AML/ALL/MDS. Cumulative incidences of CMV infection by d180 were 42% (99% CI, 37-46), 37% (31 - 43), and 23% (20 - 26), respectively [p<0.001]. CMV end-organ disease was statistically comparable. CMV infection risk was highest for CMV-Seropositive recipients (R+), but significantly higher in PTCy recipients regardless of donor [HaploCy (n=545): HR 50.3 (14.4 - 175.2); SibCy (n=279): HR 47.7 (13.3 - 171.4); SibCNI (n=1065): HR 24.4 (7.2 - 83.1); p<0.001]. D+/R- patients also had increased risk for CMV infection. Among seropositive recipients or those developing CMV infection, HaploCy had worse OS and NRM. Relapse was unaffected by CMV infection or serostatus. PTCy was associated with lower chronic GVHD overall, but CMV infection in PTCy recipients was associated with higher cGVHD (p=0.006). PTCy, regardless of donor, is associated with higher incidence of CMV infection, augmenting the risk of seropositivity. Additionally CMV infection may negate the cGVHD protection of PTCy. This study supports aggressive prevention strategies in all patients receiving PTCy.

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Authors: Scott R Goldsmith, Muhammad Bilal Abid, Jeffery J Auletta, Asad Bashey, Amer Beitinjaneh, Paul Castillo, Roy F Chemaly, Min Chen, Stefan O Ciurea, Christopher E Dandoy, Miguel Angel Diaz, Ephraim J Fuchs, Siddhartha Ganguly, Christopher G Kanakry, Jennifer Ann Kanakry, Soyoung Kim, Krishna Komanduri, Maxwell Krem, Hillard M Lazarus, Hongtao Liu, Per Ljungman, Richard T Maziarz, Carolyn Mulroney, Sunita Nathan, Taiga Nishihori, Kristin M Page, Miguel-Angel Perales, Randy A Taplitz, Rizwan Romee, Marcie Riches