Patients with early-onset primary Sjögren's syndrome have distinctive clinical manifestations and circulating lymphocyte profiles.

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To further investigate the clinical characteristics and circulating lymphocyte profiles of patients with early-onset primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS).Data of 333 patients with pSS were analyzed retrospectively. Early onset was defined as a pSS diagnosis at an age of 35 years or younger. The clinical, laboratory, and immunophenotypic profiles of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets were compared between early- and later-onset pSS.Thirty-six (10.81%) patients matched the definition of early-onset pSS, with age at disease onset being 28.97 ± 5.53 years. Elevated serum IgG level (77.14% vs 31.16%, p 

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Authors: Lin Wei, Xin Zhifei, Ning Xiaoran, Liu Meilu, Li Yang, Liu Yixuan, Ren Xiuying, Su Yashuang, Cao Jingjing, Guo Shaoying, Yang Liu, Sun Lijun, Zhang Fengxiao, Zhang Wen


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