Ocular manifestations of dermatological diseases part II: genodermatoses.

Skin and eyes share a common embryological origin from the embryonic surface ectoderm. Ocular manifestations in dermatological diseases are common and have diagnostic value. At present, there are a limited number of comprehensive reviews emphasizing the ocular manifestations of dermatological diseases. More than 40 published articles about ocular findings in dermatology were reviewed. The search included Pubmed, Google Scholar, and Cochrane databases from 2014 to 2019. This review was divided into three parts including: I. infectious and inflammatory disorders; II. genodermatoses; III. connective tissue, autoimmune, neoplasms, and drug-related disorders. We excluded metabolic, endocrine, and nutrition-related dermatological diseases. In this part, we summarized the most common and important ocular findings in dermatology-related genetic disorders with appropriate referral recommendations to ophthalmology.

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