Multidisciplinary Management of a Frequent Attender With Pyrexia of Unknown Origin and Psychotic Symptoms.

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This case report details the multidisciplinary management of a frequent attender in his early 50s with no fixed abode who presented with pyrexia of unknown origin, complicated by his noncooperation with intervention and treatment because of the development of psychotic symptoms. The case required the involvement of liaison psychiatry, anesthesia, cardiology, radiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, respiratory, hematology, and social services, highlighting not just multidisciplinary intervention but the benefits of working with a multispeciality team. The patient had previously presented to the emergency department 47 times over an 18-month period. The management during his most recent inpatient stay resulted in the patient living independently and presenting to the hospital only once over the ensuing 7 months.

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