Marginal Zone B Cells Mediate a CD4 T Cell Dependent Extrafollicular Antibody Response Following RBC Transfusion in Mice.

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Red blood cell (RBC) transfusions can result in alloimmunization toward RBC alloantigens that can increase the probability of complications following subsequent transfusion. An improved understanding of the immune mechanisms that underlie RBC alloimmunization is critical if future strategies capable of preventing or even reducing this process are to be realized. Using the HOD (hen egg lysozyme and ovalbumin fused to human Duffy) model system, we aimed to identify initiating immune factors that may govern early anti-HOD alloantibody formation. Our findings demonstrate that HOD RBCs continuously localize to the marginal sinus following transfusion, where they co-localize with marginal zone (MZ) B cells. Depletion of MZ B cells inhibited IgM and IgG anti-HOD antibody formation, while CD4 T cell depletion only prevented IgG anti-HOD antibody development. HOD-specific CD4 T cells displayed similar proliferation and activation following transfusion of HOD RBCs into wild type or MZ B cell deficient recipients, suggesting that IgG formation is not dependent on MZ B cell-mediated CD4 T cell activation. Moreover, depletion of follicular B cells failed to substantially impact the anti-HOD antibody response and no increase in antigen specific germinal center B cells was detected following HOD RBC transfusion, suggesting that antibody formation is not dependent on the splenic follicle. Despite this, anti-HOD antibodies persisted for several months following HOD RBC transfusion. Overall, these data suggest MZ B cells can initiate and then contribute to RBC alloantibody formation, highlighting a unique immune pathway that can be engaged following RBC transfusion.

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Authors: Patricia E Zerra, Seema R Patel, Ryan Philip Jajosky, Connie M Arthur, James W McCoy, Jerry William Lynn Allen, Satheesh Chonat, Ross M Fasano, John Roback, Cassandra D Josephson, Jeanne Elise Hendrickson, Sean R Stowell


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