Management of diabetes in adults: what’s on the horizon?

Find out how clinical practice may be affected by the upcoming NICE updated guidance on type 2 diabetes – this article highlights the key potential changes for GPs, including new draft recommendations on use of SGLT2 inhibitors.


The recently published NICE draft guidance Type 2 diabetes in adults: management contains several updates that would impact on clinical practice. This article highlights key potential changes of relevance to primary care.

The draft guidance is undergoing consultation (deadline 14 October 2021).
Final guidance is expected to be published on 15 February 2022.


  1. Choosing drug treatments – prescribing guidance (NICE draft visual summary)
  2. First-line drug treatment:
    • Risk assessment and treatment choices
    • First-line treatment (NICE draft visual summary)
    • Checks required before starting an SGLT2 inhibitor
    • Advice for adults taking an SGLT2 inhibitor
  3. Adding an SGLT2 inhibitor at any stage after first-line treatment has been started
  4. Treatment options if further interventions are needed
  5. Summary of medicines for type 2 diabetes (NICE draft visual summary)

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