Long-term efficacy of immunoglobulins in small fiber neuropathy related to Sjögren's syndrome.

The most common peripheral nervous system manifestations in Sjogren's syndrome are small fiber sensory neuropathies (SFPN) and axonal sensorimotor polyneuropathies. Currently, treatment in small fiber neuropathy is mainly symptomatic and based on anti-depressors and anti-epileptics. The benefit of treatment with polyvalent immunoglobulins for SFPN has been reported in small series of patients, although transient in several cases. The medium-to-long-term effects of polyvalent immunoglobulins (Ig) in SFPN in patients with Sjogren's syndrome who are refractory to conventional treatments remain an unmet medical need. We present our experience related to the persistent improvement of Ig in a case series of SFPN in Sjogren's syndrome and relevant data in the literature regarding the benefits of immunoglobulins, for this indication.

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