Long-term effectiveness and safety of treatment with dupilumab in patients with atopic dermatitis: results of the TREAT NL (TREatment of ATopic eczema, the Netherlands) registry.

Evidence on long-term dupilumab treatment for atopic dermatitis in daily practice is lacking.To investigate patient characteristics, treatment aspects, effectiveness and safety of up to 84 weeks of dupilumab treatment.An observational prospective cohort study was conducted, including atopic dermatitis patients starting dupilumab in routine clinical care.Of the 221 included patients, 103 used systemic therapy at baseline. At 84 weeks we found a change of -15.2 (SE 1.7) for EASI, -16.9 (SE 1.4) for POEM, -17.2 (SE 1.6) for DLQI. As for IGA and NRS pruritus, we found a trend for improvement over time. Severe (n=79) including serious (n=11) adverse events were observed in 69 patients. Eye complaints were most frequently reported (n=46). Twenty-one patients adjusted the regular dosing schedule. Fourteen patients discontinued treatment, mainly due to ineffectiveness (n=7).Only adverse events of severe and serious nature were registered for feasibility reasons.Daily practice dupilumab treatment up to 84 weeks is generally well-tolerated, apart from the reporting of eye complaints. It can be considered a long-term effective treatment for atopic dermatitis in combination with topical and initial concomitant systemic treatment, showing a sustained improvement of signs, symptoms and quality of life.

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