Literature mapping: association of microscopic skin microflora and biomarkers with macroscopic skin health.

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Associations between skin microbes or biomarkers and pathological conditions have been reported in the literature. However, there is a lack of clarity on the interaction between the coexistence of common skin microbes with skin physiology and subsequent development of clinical symptoms, and the role of biomarkers in mediating these changes before the development of skin disease. In this review, we aim to identify areas in which extensive research for the studied factors has already been conducted, and which research areas are under-represented. The SciFinder database was searched for articles containing key words including specific skin microbes, biomarkers, skin physiology and diseases from the beginning of the SciFinder data record to 26 April 2016, and we included an additional relevant recent publication from our group. Among the 8000 + articles selected, the frequency of keyword pairs between two roles [microscopic markers (microflora or biomarkers) and reactions (skin physiology or clinical symptoms, or skin disease)] was investigated. Associated research between the individual factors such as skin microflora or biomarkers (chosen based on our earlier publication) and specific biophysical parameters, symptoms or skin disease was identified. The present research heatmap emphasizes the significance of a structured review of research on concerned factor associations to identify early/subclinical clues that can be used to prevent progression to overt skin disease with the help of precise skin care or early intervention, as indicated by skin microflora, biomarkers and an interactive skin biophysics profile. The findings provide a novel approach to explore such associations and may guide future research directed towards predicting disease from early/subclinical symptoms.

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