Increasing the Clinical Utility of the Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test: Normative Data for Standard, Dyad, and Cognitive Fatigability Scoring.

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No normative data currently exist that would allow clinicians to decide whether the degree of cognitive fatigability (CF) experienced in individuals with neurologic disease is greater than expected when compared with a healthy population.To establish discrete and regression-based normative data for CF as defined by an objective decrement in performance over the course of a cognitive task; namely, the Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT). In addition, to develop discrete and regression-based normative data for PASAT performance scores-dyad and percent dyad-for which data do not currently exist.One hundred and seventy-eight healthy individuals completed the PASAT as part of a larger neuropsychological battery. PASAT performance scores including total correct responses, total dyads, and percent dyad were calculated. CF scores were calculated by comparing the individuals' performance on the first half (or third) of the test to their performance on the last half (or third) in order to capture any within-task performance decrements over time.Both age- and education-based discrete normative data and demographically adjusted (sex, age, and education) regression-based formulas were established for the PASAT performance scores and the CF scores.The development of these normative data will allow for greater interpretation of an individual's performance on the PASAT, beyond just the total correct score, through the use of dyad and percent dyad scores. With respect to CF, these data will allow clinicians to objectively quantify decrements in cognitive performance over time better in individuals with neurologic diseases.

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Authors: Jason A Berard, Lisa A S Walker


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