Impact of gastric electrical stimulation on economic burden of refractory vomiting: a French nationwide multicentre study.

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Medico-economic data of patients suffering from chronic nausea and vomiting are lacking. In these patients, gastric electrical stimulation (GES) is an effective, but costly treatment.The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy, safety and medico-economic impact of Enterra™ therapy in patients with chronic medically refractory nausea and vomiting.Data were collected prospectively from patients with medically refractory nausea and/or vomiting, implanted with an Enterra™ device and followed for two years. Gastrointestinal quality of life index (GIQLI) score, vomiting frequency, nutritional status and safety were evaluated. Direct and indirect expenditure data were prospectively collected in diaries.Complete clinical data were available for142 patients (60 diabetic, 82 non-diabetic) and medico-economic data were available for 96 patients (36 diabetic, 60 non-diabetic), 24 months after implantation. GIQLI score increased by 12.1± 25.0 points (p<0.001), with a more significant improvement in non-diabetic than in diabetic patients (+15.8 ± 25.0 points, p<0.001 versus 7.3 ± 24.5 points, p=0.027, respectively). The proportion of patients vomiting less than once per month increased by 25.5% (p<0.001).Hospitalisations, time off work and transport were the main sources of costs. Enterra™ therapy decreased mean overall healthcare costs from 8873 US$ to 5525 US$ /patient/year (p = 0.001), representing a saving of 3348 US$ per patient and per year. Savings were greater for diabetic patients (4096 US$ /patient/year) than for non-diabetic patients (2900 US$ /patient/year).Enterra™ therapy is an effective, safe and cost-effective option for patients with refractory nausea and vomiting. CLINICALTRIALS: gov Identifier: NCT00903799.

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