HIV-Dementia Scale as a screening tool for the detection of subcortical cognitive deficits: validation of the Italian version.

Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) lacks of sensitivity in detecting cognitive deficits associated with subcortical damage. The HIV-Dementia Scale (HDS), a screening tool originally created for detecting cognitive impairment due to subcortical damage in HIV + patients, has proved to be useful in other neurological diseases. Until now, an Italian version of the HDS is not available. We aimed at: (1) validating the HDS Italian version (HDS-IT) in a cohort of cognitively healthy subjects (CN); (2) exploring the suitability of HDS-IT in detecting cognitive impairment due to subcortical damage (scCI). The psychometric properties of the HDS-IT were assessed in 180 CN (mean age 67.6 ± 8.3, range 41-84) with regard to item-total correlation, test-retest reliability and convergent validity with MMSE. Item-total correlations ranged 0.44-0.72. Test-retest reliability was 0.70 (p 

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Authors: C Montanucci, E Chipi, N Salvadori, R Rinaldi, P Eusebi, L Parnetti