Government scientists warn covid-19 cases will rise exponentially without action

Country needs to take disease “very seriously” or “virus will run out of control”, chief medical officer warns

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Joannis Vamvakopoulos 4 months ago

I work in a large West Midlands DGH, practically next door to a borough that is on the verge of lockdown. I have tracked our local COVID numbers since day 1. Peak case incidence was in early April and case rates virtually flatlined by late May. Our most recent fatality was in mid-July, the one before that in late June. There is scant evidence of a "second wave" and the best that massively ramped up testing has been able to disclose is literally a handful of new cases. There is, at best, inconclusive evidence about the efficacy of current public health policy vis-a-vis COVID. There is, however, mounting evidence of grave lockdown-related harm to people and to the economy. I know it, many of my patients know it, many of my colleagues know it. This nonsense needs to stop.