Fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease: a problematic ailment.

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Fatigue, a protean complaint encompassing both physical, mental exhaustion but also demotivation, has shown to effect quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Here we present a review of the literature as it relates to IBD-associated fatigue. Moreover, we present the common causes attributed to fatigue and present an algorithmic approach to the assessment of fatigue. Finally, we report data regarding potential management strategies for IBD-associated fatigue.Unfortunately, owing to its multidimensional nature and multifactorial causes, patients with IBD may continue to report fatigue despite optimization of disease management, replenishment of nutritional deficiencies, or management of coexistent disorders. Management likely requires a multidisciplinary approach.The majority of patients with IBD report fatigue symptoms both in setting of active disease but also during the course of remission. Fatigue is a multidimensional complaints, and management likely requires a multidisciplinary approach. Herein, we present a framework for the management and assessment of fatigue in IBD.

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