Eye movements and association with regional brain atrophy in clinical subtypes of progressive supranuclear palsy.

To investigate oculomotor impairment in subtypes of progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and its associations with clinical features and regional brain volumes in PSP.We compared the video-oculography (VOG) findings of 123 PSP patients, consisting of 66 PSP-Richardson syndrome (PSP-RS), 28 PSP-parkinsonism (PSP-P), and 29 PSP-progressive gait freezing (PSP-PGF), along with 80 Parkinson's disease (PD) patients. We also investigated the associations of the VOG results with clinical features (disease duration, PSP rating scales [PSPRS] scores for dysphagia and postural stability) in the subtypes of PSP patients and with regional volumes in the brainstem, including the midbrain, pons, medulla, and the superior cerebellar peduncle (SCP), among the patients who had MRI images at the time of VOG (30 PSP).All of the three subtypes of PSP patients showed slower vertical saccades and smooth pursuit than that of the PD patients (adjusted p 

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