Expert review: case studies in ACS – primary care update

In this video, I review through four cases studies seen in primary care how the latest NICE guidance on acute coronary syndrome is impacting clinical practice.

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In this video, I review through four cases studies some of the key changes from the latest NICE guidance on acute coronary syndrome and how they correlate with the ESC guidance released earlier this year. Via these short cases, I illustrate how these changes are impacting clinical practice from a primary care perspective and highlight key points to remember.

  • Case 1: A fracture hip and a raised troponin
    Was it a heart attack?
  • Case 2: 50-year-old with inferior ST elevation MI
    What medications should they be on for the next year?
  • Case 3: A NSTEMI in a patient with known AF
    What is the right antiplatelet / anticoagulation strategy?
  • Case 4: Chest pain, raised troponin and unobstructed coronary arteries
    If it is not a "heart attack", then what is it doctor?

Use the menu on the top left-hand side of the video to go to specific cases of interest.
You can also watch the video in full screen (arrows at the bottom) for better quality.

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Stephen Dorman

I am a consultant cardiologist at the Bristol Heart Institute where I specialise in coronary and structural intervention. I am the clinical lead for the coronary intervention and transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) services at the BHI. I undertook my interventional fellowship at Hopital Bichat in Paris , before moving to Swansea and then Bristol and have been a consultant for 10 years.
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