Establishing the efficacy and safety of the novel use of common salt for the treatment of pyogenic granuloma.

Recurrent bleeding episodes are often a cause of significant anxiety in patients with pyogenic granuloma. The idea of using common salt for the treatment of pyogenic granuloma arose from the need to have a relatively safe and effective therapeutic modality due to the recurrent nature of the lesion.A prospective open-label uncontrolled study including 50 patients was conducted. All cases were treated with table salt from a commercially available package. White soft paraffin was applied over the perilesional skin. Salt adequate to cover the entire lesion was applied and the area was occluded with surgical adhesive tape. All patients were followed up for any complications or recurrence.Complete resolution of the lesion was seen in 100% of the cases without any residual scar. The average time for complete resolution was 14.77 days. 94% reported a decrease in the bleeding tendency of the lesion as an immediate response. Recurrence was noted in one patient after 11 months of resolution.Owing to the relative ease in application, its lack of scarring, and excellent response, we believe, salt application shall be an ideal treatment modality for the treatment of pyogenic granuloma in children and anxious patients reluctant to undergo any procedure.

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Authors: S B Daruwalla, S Ghate, R Dhurat