Effects of Oral Contraception and Lifestyle Modification on Incretins and TGF-ß Superfamily Hormones in PCOS.

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To examine effects of common treatments for PCOS on a panel of hormones(reproductive/metabolic).Secondary analysis of blood from a RCT of three 16-week preconception interventions designed to improve PCOS-related abnormalities: continuous oral contraceptives(OCP, N=34 subjects), intensive lifestyle modification(Lifestyle, N =31) or combination of both(Combined, N=29).Post-treatment levels of activin A and B, inhibin B and follistatin as well as IGF-1, IGFBP-2, glucagon, GLP-1 and 2 and Oxyntomodulin were compared to baseline and change from baseline in these parameters were correlated with outcomes.OCP use was associated with a significant suppression in activin A, inhibin A and AMH, but significant increase in follistatin. IGF-1, IGFBP-2, glucagon and GLP-2 levels were significantly decreased. Oxyntomodulin was profoundly suppressed by OCP[ratio of geometric means: 0.09, 95% CI(0.05, 0.18),p

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