Dermatology CPD for GPs: free resources to help you upskill

The OnMedica Editorial Team highlights the range of content and CPD available on dermatology, which has been developed to help GPs stay up to date quickly and easily.

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As a practising GP, you will know that one of the most common reasons your patients consult with you is for skin conditions—reports have shown that there are over 13 million primary care consultations for skin disease in the UK each year.1,2

You will also be aware that dermatology is considered to be an area where there is a lack of GP training and support, and there have been calls for improvements.3–5 So, if you are a GP who lacks confidence in diagnosing and managing skin conditions, you are not alone!

Content related to dermatology has always proved to be popular with GPs on the OnMedica website. We are now producing more dermatology content than ever before in the form of quick case-based quizzes, clinical image resources, news reports, regulatory alerts, and abstracts on the latest research related to skin conditions.

Our aim is to help you keep up to date quickly and easily, and a lot of our content has been designed to be digested in under 10 minutes. During the current climate and added pressures and increased workload brought on by the pandemic,6 it is important that learning activities can be fitted around the reality of a GP’s busy work day.

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If you want to trial some of our recent OnMedica content, we have some open-access materials available, including case-based quizzes for a quick knowledge check on how to diagnose and manage patients who present with itchy skin:

Other recent resources that are available open access include our popular research round-up on skin manifestation of COVID-19.

Screenshot of OnMedica dermatology content header: Skin manifestations of COVID-19

All of our dermatology content and resources are free to UK-based GPs and clinicians, and becoming a member of OnMedica will bring you access to content and CPD covering a wide range of skin conditions, including:

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