Cytokeratin 19 fragment is associated with severity and poor prognosis of interstitial lung disease in anti-MDA5 antibody-positive dermatomyositis.

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In the present study, we aimed to assess the clinical significance of cytokeratin 19 fragment (CYFRA21-1) in patients with anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5 (MDA5) antibody-positive DM-interstitial lung disease (MDA5-DM-ILD).A total of 73 MDA5-DM-ILD patients were retrospectively analysed in this work. Their clinical characteristics, including clinical manifestations, laboratory findings, peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets and lung function, were compared between patients with acute/subacute interstitial pneumonia (A/SIP) and chronic interstitial pneumonia (CIP). The level of serum CYFRA21-1 was also compared between the above-mentioned two groups of patients, and its association with the clinical features and mortality of MDA5-DM-ILD was also evaluated.Of the 73 MDA5-DM-ILD patients, 26 patients exhibited the A/SIP pattern. The level of serum CYFRA21-1 was higher in MDA5-DM patients with A/SIP compared with the CIP group (P = 0.009). Lower oxygenation index (OI), CD3+CD4+ T cell counts and percentage of CD3+CD4+ cells were also observed in MDA5-DM patients with A/SIP compared with the CIP group. Higher serum CYFRA21-1, lower OI, and lower zone consolidation were associated with a higher risk of A/SIP in MDA5-DM-ILD. In addition, 38 decedents with MDA5-DM-ILD exhibited a greater level of CYFRA21-1 compared with 35 survivors (P 

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