Cross-sectional study of blood biomarkers of patients with moderate-to-severe alopecia areata reveals systemic immune and cardiovascular biomarker dysregulation.

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Although there is increased understanding of the alopecia areata/AA pathogenesis based on studies in scalp tissues, little is known about its systemic profile.To evaluate the blood proteomic signature of AA and determine biomarkers associated with increased disease severity.In a cross-sectional study, we assessed 350 inflammatory and cardiovascular proteins using OLINK high-throughput proteomics in moderate-to-severe AA patients (n=35), as compared with healthy individuals (n=36), moderate-to-severe psoriasis (n=19), and atopic dermatitis/AD patients (n=49).Seventy-four proteins were significantly differentially expressed between AA and controls (false-discovery-rate/FDR

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