Comparison of efficacy of noncultured hair follicle cell suspension and noncultured epidermal cell suspension in repigmentation of leukotrichia and skin patch in vitiligo: a randomized trial.

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Vitiligo manifests as hypo- to de-pigmented macules, which are sometimes associated with leukotrichia. For complete cosmetic improvement, the repigmentation of leukotrichia is an important component.This randomized controlled trial included patients with stable vitiligo with leukotrichia. Two vitiligo patches in each patient were randomized to receive either of the two procedures. The patients were followed up for 9 months posttransplantation. The efficacy of hair follicle cell suspension (HFCS) with epidermal cell suspension (ECS) in repigmentation of leukotrichia and skin in vitiligo was compared.A total of 20 patients underwent the procedure, and 19 completed the follow-up. The area of the vitiligo patch and the number of leukotrichia in the patches were comparable between the two groups. There was a significant difference in the mean ± S.D. number of cells transplanted between the two groups (5.06 × 105 in HFCS vs. 39.8 × 105 in ECS, P 

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