Common questions about COVID-19 vaccination answered

Quick answers to some key questions you may be asked about the COVID-19 vaccination, based on information from the Green Book.

This article provides quick answers to common questions patients may ask about the COVID-19 vaccination. 

This summary is based on the information in COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a and focuses on the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, approved on 02 December, and the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which is undergoing phase 3 trials.

Common questions about COVID-19 vaccination

  • Doctor I have a bleeding disorder, should I be concerned?
  • What should be done if a patient’s vaccination course is interrupted?
  • Is a booster dose required after the two doses?
  • Can I have the COVID-19 vaccine with other vaccines?
  • Is the vaccine safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding?
  • Is the vaccine safe in children?
  • Is the vaccine safe in those with immunosuppression or HIV?
  • What are the contraindications to use of the vaccine?
  • What happens if the patient has a minor illness?
  • What adverse events should patients be warned about?
  • Is there any reported anaphylaxis or other allergic reactions?
  • Can vaccination be used if a patient exposed to COVID-19?

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For a comparison of the key characteristics of each vaccine, you can also access our practical reference table, which you can download:

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