Clinical management and treatment of obesity in China.

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China has one of the largest populations with obesity in the world, and obesity has become a major challenge for the country's health-care system. Current guidelines for obesity management are not adequately supported by evidence from clinical studies in Chinese populations. Effective lifestyle interventions suitable for Chinese populations are scarce, insufficient weight-loss medications have been approved by regulatory bodies, and there is low acceptance of non-lifestyle interventions (ie, medications and surgery) among both health-care providers and the general public. Large, well designed, and well implemented clinical trials are needed to strengthen the evidence base for the clinical management of obesity in China. Obesity management can be improved through use of a tiered system involving health management centres, integrated lifestyle interventions and medical treatments, strengthened obesity education and training, and use of advanced electronic health technologies. Resource mobilisation, support from major stakeholders for people with overweight or obesity, and education and changes to social norms among the wider public are also needed. National health policies should prioritise both obesity prevention and improvement of the treatment and management of obesity.

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Authors: Qiang Zeng, Naishi Li, Xiong-Fei Pan, Lulu Chen, An Pan


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