Chronic Skin Disease and Levels of Physical Activity in 17,777 Spanish Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study.

To date there is limited literature on the prevalence of chronic skin conditions and levels of physical activity (PA) in Spain.The present study aims to (i) determine the prevalence of chronic skin disease and (ii) compare levels of PA in those with chronic skin disease to those without in a large representative sample of Spanish adults aged 15-69 years.Data from the Spanish National Health Survey 2017 were analysed. Chronic skin disease was assessed using a yes-no question. PA was measured using the short form of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). Total PA metabolic equivalent of task (MET)-minutes/week were calculated, and PA was included in the analyses as a continuous and a five-category variable.This cross-sectional study included 17,777 participants [52.0% women; mean (standard deviation) age 45.8 (14.1) years]. There were 940 (5.3%) adults with chronic skin disease. After adjusting for several potential confounders, there was a negative association between chronic skin disease and PA [odds ratio (OR)=0.87, 95% CI=0.76-1.00]. The association was significant in men (OR=0.76, 95% CI=0.62-0.93) but not in women (OR=0.97, 95% CI=0.81-1.16).In this large representative sample of Spanish adults, the prevalence of chronic skin disease was low. Levels of PA in men with chronic skin conditions, but not in women, were lower than those without.

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