Causal associations of short and long sleep durations with 12 cardiovascular diseases: linear and nonlinear Mendelian randomization analyses in UK Biobank.

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Observational studies have suggested strong associations between sleep duration and many cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), but causal inferences have not been confirmed. We aimed to determine the causal associations between genetically predicted sleep duration and 12 CVDs using both linear and nonlinear Mendelian randomization (MR) designs.Genetic variants associated with continuous, short (≤6 h) and long (≥9 h) sleep durations were used to examine the causal associations with 12 CVDs among 404 044 UK Biobank participants of White British ancestry. Linear MR analyses showed that genetically predicted sleep duration was negatively associated with arterial hypertension, atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism, and chronic ischaemic heart disease after correcting for multiple tests (P 

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Authors: Sizhi Ai, Jihui Zhang, Guoan Zhao, Ningjian Wang, Guohua Li, Hon-Cheong So, Yaping Liu, Steven Wai-Ho Chau, Jie Chen, Xiao Tan, Fujun Jia, Xiangdong Tang, Jie Shi, Lin Lu, Yun-Kwok Wing


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