Association of infant diet with subsequent obesity at 2-5 years among children exposed to gestational diabetes: the SWIFT study.

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This longitudinal analysis evaluated the independent and joint associations of any breastfeeding (BF) or exclusive BF (EBF) and intake of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and 100% fruit juice from birth to 1 year with subsequent overweight and obesity among young children exposed to gestational diabetes (GDM).The analysis utilised prospectively collected data from participants enrolled in the Study of Women, Infant Feeding and Type 2 Diabetes after GDM (SWIFT); 1035 pregnant women (20-45 years) diagnosed with GDM, of whom 75% were of Black, Hispanic or Asian race and ethnicity. Mother-infant dyad characteristics and infant dietary intake were assessed via research protocols at in-person examinations, telephone interviews and monthly mailed surveys from birth to 1 year. Child weight, length and height were obtained from electronic health records at birth (2008-2011) and ages 2-5 years (2010-2016) to classify BMI percentile groups (n = 835).Adequate BF (≥6 months), adequate EBF duration (≥6 months), and SSB and 100% fruit juice intake in the first year were independently associated with child obesity at ages 2-5 years (all p 

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