Altered CD4+ T cell and cytokine levels in peripheral blood and skin samples from systemic sclerosis patients and IL35 in CD4+ T cell growth.

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This study explored the role of IL-35 in CD4+ T lymphocyte and skin fibroblast (HSF) activity and cytokine levels in systemic sclerosis.Blood and skin biopsies were collected from 41 patients and 39 healthy controls to assess CD4+ T lymphocytes and IL-35-related factors. CD4+ T lymphocytes were co-cultured with HSFs, rhIL-35, and IL-35 mAb to evaluate the cell viability, activation of CD4+T lymphocytes, and HSF cells.The proportion of blood Th1/Th2 was lower and Th17/regulatory T cells (Treg) were higher in patients than in controls (p 

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Authors: Chenxi Yang, Ling Lei, Jie Pan, Cheng Zhao, Jing Wen, Fang Qin, Fei Dong, Wanling Wei


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